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"I feel like I am their only customer. No one compares to DigiCOPY and your services-high quality with quick turnaround."

- Salvation Army
La Crosse

Online Ordering Made Easy

Providing document management solutions and order accuracy to save time and cut cost.


A site all your own.
It's the smart way to store and order your company's print materials. Our online ordering sites are customized to fit your company look and specifications. We build your site around your needs and give you flexible options to ensure fast, easy ordering and document management.

We began setting up online ordering sites for our customers in 2006 to create a better system of document storage, proofing, and managing orders. Since then, we've expanded to maintaining over 50 sites for some of the largest companies and organizations in our region; and with great success. Our online ordering system has proven time and again to increase accuracy, enhance job flow, and reduce cost for our customers.

We want to be an extention of your business. With online ordering, we create a flexible environment for you and your employees to manage and customize your print materials. It's time to make the switch to online ordering.

The Advantages:
Save Time

Fast and Easy ordering allows for quick turnarounds.

Order Accuracy

The ability to proof as you order reduces proofing time and the need for sending documents back and forth. You proof your documents live to ensure your order is correct. We can create static documents for an easy, one-click order, or dynamic documents so you can customize your order accordingly.

Disaster Recovery

Our data protection solutions give you the peace of mind that your documents are secure.

Multiple Users

Multiple Users

Job Tracking

Track the current status of your job upon submission of your order. You also have the ability to view your order history.

Easy Estimates

Request an estimate using an intuitive wizard. Based on the type of job requested, you will answer a different set of questions to generate a fast quote for your job.

Go Green

Reduce waste that often accumulates during the proofing process. We also offer renewable resource papers.

We provide the basic setup and features of your site at no cost to you. Additional charges apply for our advanced package and features. Contact your local Sales Manager today to find out more about setting up your company's online ordering site.


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