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They're not just logos. They represent our commitment to protecting our environment and natural resources for us, you and the future. These certifications identify our relationships with suppliers who adhere to forest-management standards and regulations that help protect our country's biogeographic regions, provide public information about certification, and promote Forest and Forest product certification around the world.

At DigiCOPY, we recognize that the future of our business is dependent on the responsible use of our natural resources. We understand that this involves commitment and actions alike. Our Sustanability Policy is an essential part of our business philosophy. Therefore, DigiCOPY has implemented the following to ensure that our sustainability program and objectives are being achieved:

Comply with applicable laws and regulations and will implement procedures in a timely manner to ensure compliance. Compliance with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) standards are part of the training, performance reviews, and incentives for all co-workers.

Encourage "On-Demand Printing" as a viable, environmentally conscious practice wherever possible. Enable our customers to implement zero-inventory printing procedures for all of their marketing, tech pub materials and HR materials that eliminate waste and overruns.

Demonstrate environmental stewardship by investigating and utilizing innovative green products and technologies. This will be the key to our successful environmental management system and the involvement and commitment of our co-workers. Visit our paper section to view our in-stock papers.

Employ management systems and procedures designed to prevent pollution, activities and/or conditions that pose a threat to human health, safety, or the environment.

Minimize risk and protect our co-workers and the commnities in which we operate by employing clean, safe technologies and operating procedures, as well as being prepared for emergencies.

Establish sustainability goals and targets, review them periodically and adjust our approach through continuous improvement, involving all co-workers in areas whether regulated or unregulated.

Educate our co-workers, customers, and vendors through our working example, exhibition and information about our production equipment and supplies, and informal conversations.

Communicate progress on the actions we are taking to minimize our environmental impact and achieve our sustainability goals to co-workers, vendors, and the community.


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