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Education Solutions

Education is one of the most powerful instruments for laying a solid foundation for society. And communication is a key component in the success of any educational institution/organization.

Print is a communication cornerstone in the education market, making up a significant portion of its annual spend. Printed brochures, direct mail, course materials, signs, banners, coupons, postcards, to name a few, are key staples in supporting education organizations' communication requirements. At DigiCOPY, our goal is to be a valuable asset to education professionals, helping reduce expenses and combat budget cuts.

Benefiting School Districts

We have years of experience working with school districts, helping them improve efficiency and eliminate unnecessary spending. The School District of La Crosse, for example, has gained much from its partnership with DigiCOPY. Kyle Delap is an Administrative Assistant and Helpdesk supervisor for the district. Kyle said, "Our partnership with DigiCOPY has blossomed into a symbiotic relationship in which we both mutually benefit from the buy-in and collaboration of both parties. First, DigiCOPY has advanced printing capabilities, much more than our printshop had. They can print and finish on a wide variety of substrates and their quality is supreme. Financially, the school district has experienced significant cost savings by implementing this partnership. The savings have come by: shifting personnel to more tech-forward responsibilities, spending less on equipment and supplies for the printshop, and freeing up essential personnel to work on more educational initiatives. The cost savings are obvious and transparent and help the district meet its fiduciary responsibility to the public." Read More

Benefiting Colleges & Universities

We have years of experience working with colleges and universities, helping them identify unnecessary spending and giving them access to an array of print solutions they otherwise did not have available. Ripon College, for example, has been able to more effectively meet the needs of their campus while still reducing their spend on printing. Melisssa Anderson is the VP of Marketing and Communication for Ripon College. Melissa said, "Small colleges like Ripon, and other colleges of similar size, sometimes assume that outsourcing is going to add costs and be a headache. Exactly the opposite was true as we partnered with DigiCOPY. In fact, DigiCOPY provided services, that at the time, we didn't know we needed. We had to make some tough decisions, but in the long run, DigiCOPY has freed us from the inefficiencies of the day to day management of printing services. With DigiCOPY, we have evolved from 'office products', like letterhead and envelopes, to setting up accounts for different departments, like alumni relations. Now the annual postcards Alumni Relations sends to Ripon graduates are loaded into our online system, and after dates and other information is edited, the data spreadsheet is uploaded, merged with the printed cards and mailed by DigiCOPY - without any other hands needing to touch it." Read More

Traditional & Digital Education

In the ever-changing world of educational literature, we offer both traditional print and digital solutions to fit your needs. We produce custom course materials, allowing instructors to tailor their course packets to the needs of their students. Copyright clearance is also available. Similarly, we can help create digital course packets and materials that allow for Cloud-based collaboration.

DigiXpress Online Ordering

DigiXpress is our online ordering system which allows you to order your school's materials with accuracy and speed. We design a custom site that is tailored to your needs. Our system gives you the ability to limit capabilities of multiple users and monitor their orders. Not only do we give you a customized online ordering site, but we also provide the initial setup of your DigiXpress site at no cost.

FM Solutions

Natural work flow can be difficult for in-house print facilities to accomodate. Hence, your in-house facility can frequently be over-staffed or over-worked. That's where we come in. Our facilities management solutions are designed to accomodate your work-load while giving you access to a variety of printing and finishing services. At DigiCOPY, we have the expertise to create comprehensive facilities management systems that improve workflow and cut costs. We offer unique solutions that we can customize for your school. For more than a decade, DigiCOPY has helped schools improve their document management.


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