Our Mission

To build long-term relationships.

Our Philosophy


We strive to build long-term relationships with each of our customers. Together we will provide the highest quality document solutions, employing digital technology and the dedicated, solution oriented attitudes of our coworkers.

We promise our Customers:
  1. Minimum Wait
    We recognize the importance of your time. We will greet you and quickly process your order.
  2. Friendly Service
    We value our customers and seek to develop long-term relationships. We enjoy helping our customers.
  3. Job Done Right
    We recognize that the customer defines when a job is done right. We do what it takes to meet their quality standards.
  4. Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you are unhappy with the quality of your product or service, please let us know.


Each of our co-workers is a valuable member of the DigiCopy family. We appreciate their opinions, and recognize their hard work. We value independent thinking and teamwork; and foster a flexible environment where creativity is rewarded.

We promise our Co-Workers:
  1. Empowerment
    We will provide our co-workers with the resources, training and authority to empower them to creatively meet our customer's needs.
  2. Recognition
    We will celebrate the team accomplishments within our company and acknowledge the hard work of our individual co-workers.
  3. Advancement
    We will strive for dynamic growth that allows our co-workers the opportunity for personal and professional advancement.
  4. Caring Environment
    We will provide a safe, caring and stimulating work environment that will encourage open communication and insure respect for all co-workers.


We acknowledge the invaluable relationships we form with our communities, customers, co-workers, and suppliers. We will play a vital role within each community we serve, providing career opportunities and services unique to our company.

We promise our Community:
  1. Involvement
    We will be an integral part of each community we serve.
  2. Quality
    We will provide the highest quality document solutions in each community we serve.
  3. Opportunity
    We will provide challenging and rewarding career opportunities.
  4. Charity
    We will support the United Way and other community based organizations through donations, volunteers, sponsorships, and non-profit pricing.


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